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What about opting for a kitchen with a glass wall?

Glass walls can be black or white and they bring a trendy touch to your interior. Their advantage is that they divide the room without masking the light and they are particularly in vogue for designing a half-open kitchen.


Installing an interior glass wall is a charming advantage for your kitchen

Why do people like more and more glass walls and why are they not reserved for the exterior? It is very simple. Unlike partitions, glass walls have the ability to coat a room and to give it structure while giving it a nice natural light. They are made of glass and metal and sometimes of wood and they create an industrial, design or even authentic style. Let’s just say it is a veritable style!

Glass walls are smart partitions

In order to solve the bad smells and noise issues, a glass wall is the ideal element to divide the kitchen and the living room. Many layout possibilities exist to integrate nice glass walls. A glass wall can be fixed or sliding and it can also open like a window or even like a door. Whether you decide to have an open or closed kitchen, you can adjust your space as you please by making proximity or intimacy your first choice.

The 5 advantages of a kitchen laid out with a glass wall:

  • 1. A glass wall creates a separation while staying connected to the rest of the home.
  • 2. It lightens the space and lets view and light move.
  • 3. It visually widens a small kitchen.
  • 4. It keeps the sensation of a big kitchen while marking it out cleary.
  • 5. It gives charm and reinforces a style (workshop, contemporary and why not rustic…).