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The Hygge, the danish way of life

As a token of a simple and happy life, the Hygge (pronounced hu-gue) is a philosophy that emulates the UK at the moment. It is based on well being and it is a reassuring practice which advocates personal fulfillment and tempts to seize the moment .


Candles, as a source of light, are essential in the danish way of life. In the evening after work and in the weekend, dozens of candles are lit in all danish households. Other fundamental elements of the Hygge: having warm drinks by the fireside, eating comforting cakes and not feeling guilty about it, living the moment at its fullest (mobile phone off), wearing a comfortable outfit (wool pullover, cashmere legging, warm socks…), wrapping up in a blanket but also adapting the interior decoration.

The Hygge decoration: comfort, design, light and conviviality


How to create a cocoon interior and adopt the Hygge trend in your house? Begin by clearing and getting rid of the superfluous. Then, choose furniture with refined lines, cupboards integrated and nice wooden furniture. In general, you ought to choose pastel hues (aqua, pale rose, sky-blue...) and natural materials.

Liven up your decoration with plants: they play a major role in the Hygge. Multiply pillows and hides that will warm up the whole home. Make sure that the light is softened to create a cosy vibe: wall light, table lamp, fairy lights, various intensity lights… Your environment has to be welcoming, favourable to the conviviality and to the good moments spent around the table or a warm drink.

Are you charmed by the Hygge trend? Are you ready to follow your scandinavian neighbours’ example to soften winter?