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The charm of a traditional style kitchen

Let’s break the prejudices now: a traditional style kitchen can absolutely be a contemporary kitchen! Here is Raison Home’s advices.


Having a contemporary traditional kitchen is possible

Wood is making a strong comeback in the interior decoration trends and is perfectly finding its place in a modern kitchen restyling. But in order to have a traditional kitchen that does not look old-fashioned, it is important to follow a few advices:

  • Black wooden furniture will bring an elegant and modern touch to your traditional style kitchen;
  • Choose carefully the cabinet handles;
  • Mix eras: choose modern appliances made of stainless steel and decorate your kitchen with old bargain-hunted items which you can exhibit in your glazed cabinets;

The choice of the backboard is important: zellige (this Moroccan coloured earthenware is very trendy) or a contemporary mosaic will modernise your kitchen’s traditional charm.

In order to restyle your kitchen without making mistakes, do not hesitate do call on a home designer. They will guide you towards good materials and colours to install a charming traditional kitchen. They will not fail to give you many decoration tips in order to have a warm and nice interior to live in.