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Small touches of curry for the decoration of your yellow kitchen

Curry yellow is warm and inspiring and it is trendy because it adapts to all styles from retro to modern and even industrial. Discover how to integrate curry yellow by little touches to your interior.


Curry yellow works for all decoration styles

It is darker than the traditional yellow and slightly darker than mustard yellow; curry yellow is a timeless colour. It is warm in winter and lively in summer and has the advantage of being able combine with any colour. Magic!

  • For a retro style, combine it with pink or pale green.
  • For a countryside style, blend it to navy blue or brown.
  • For an industrial style reminding of New York lofts, mix it with black or grey.
  • For a scandinavian and cocooning style, curry yellow is perfect with beige, taupe or ice blue.
  • For an exotic style, it goes beautifully with wood and garden green.
  • For a minimalist style, it fits perfectly in a white monochrome whole.

Curry yellow makes a decoration spicy

Galvanise your interior with a dose of curry yellow! The idea is to not overdo it, in order to keep all the charm of this colour. You can use curry yellow:

  • to paint a wall
  • or as a mat finishing touch for your kitchen furniture
  • or as a major decorative element such as your sofa
  • or as little decorative elements such as vases, tea towels, flooring…

Do you like curry yellow? Let it know to your Raison Home, home designer and they will take it into account for your kitchen project.