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Picking the colour blue for your kitchen

Blue is favourable to creativity and is easily compatible, it is an excellent colour for the interior decoration which does not limit itself to bathrooms anymore.


According to the hue chosen and the combinations made, your are able to create different atmospheres in the kitchen.

What shade of blue to choose?

The choices are numerous. Pastel blue is perfect to create a vintage look in the kitchen. Sky-blue has the advantage of going together with all light colours and to be compatible to all styles. Very fresh, turquoise blue is more used in a provençal type kitchen.

On the other hand, navy blue is more used to create a marine spirit with white or when mixed with light grey it create a contemporary feel. Let’s not forget peacock blue! It is very trendy and it represents a bold and unusual choice but when combined with wood and dark colours, the result has a bigger success.

Combinations of colours and materials that work with blue

As for the colours, blue and white make a perfect and timeless union. Add light wood and your kitchen will appear scandinavian.
To create harmony, pick similar colours (no more than 3!) such as sky-blue, navy blue and blue-grey. On the contrary, if you want to contrast, opt for orange, the complementary colour of blue. As for the materials, blue combines perfectly to wood for a retro kitchen or stainless steel for a modern kitchen. It also goes together with granite and quartz for a more chic kitchen, even with a touch of gold for more sophistication.

Do you like blue? Talk about it to your Raison Home, home designer: they will guide you through the choices of your project.