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How to put the colour purple in my kitchen?

Since the kitchen is one of the rooms in which we spend most of the time, it has to please us, especially when it comes to the choice of the colours. Why not putting purple in it? Purple: a warm, luxurious and mysterious colour


In olden times, it was the colour of kings! Nowadays it is very trendy and is midway between warm and cold colours, purple is a deep blue-red which adapts to all decorative styles.

It is easy to use because it has a multipurpose and it matches different materials and colouring. If you want to create a soothing atmosphere, mix purple with light hues (white, grey, linen…).

In order to give your kitchen a contemporary and sophisticated appearance, blend purple to taupe or brown. You can see the result will be particularly modern with metals such as chromium, steel or wood. Finally, for more pep, combine it to a lively colour (bright orange or mustard yellow for example).

No excess!

Purple is to be used in small amounts, with frugality and subtlety. There is no question of painting entirely your kitchen in purple! You would run the risk of creating an oppressive realm.

Give yourself the limit of only one wall face, if possible across from the window so that it is shining. Otherwise, you can choose to put purple at the level of the splashback. Another solution would be to use it for certain elements of the kitchen furniture (chairs or bar stools…).

Do you like the colour purple? Would you be bold enough to put it in your kitchen? Talk about it to your Raison Home, home designer!