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How to put an ethnic touch to my kitchen decor?

The ethnic style is not only about mixing, it is also an invitation to travel. Longing for new horizons, distant regions and exoticism? How about you add a few ethnic, warm and blended touches to your kitchen?

Ethnic print
The ethnic print is very trendy because of its geometric forms and Aztec patterns. A wallpaper with natural and profound hues will hit its mark on one of your kitchen wall.
Ethnic household linen
In order to add the ethnic realm to the room, opt for embroidered household linen such as tablecloth, placemats, tea towels…
Exotic wood
Choose an exotic wood for your work surface or cupboards: it will stylise and modernise your kitchen.
Dark floor
A natural dark wooden floor is the best option to keep in mind to give ethnic feel to your floor.
Japanese panel
It is mostly used to create a zen atmosphere; the japanese panel is able to divide the space and separates the kitchen and the living room with subtlety and lightness.
A piece of driftwood
It is a decorative element favourable to escape and has its place in your kitchen above the table or the island and will be able to hang lights.
Decorative items alluding to trips
Spread here and there artisanal objects made of natural materials such as wicker two-handled baskets, bamboo crockery, brass trays… Choose them with care. The idea is not to accumulate but to suggest a harmonious and well designed ethnic decor.
So, what do you think of the ethnic style for the kitchen?