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How to integrate canework into my interior decoration?

Thanks to the enthusiasm for natural fibers (rattan in front) and the tropical trend, canework furniture is coming back into our houses. Discover how to integrate it with harmony to your interior.


Canework: a trendy retro touch!

Canework, a synonym for elegance, sophistication and authenticity, is a handmade technique of rattan braiding that appeared during the 18th century. After being forgotten, canework comes back nowadays in our interiors by coating chair seats (including the famous bar chair), stools, armchairs, sofas, headboards, mirrors, lamps…

The canework furniture is timeless and never out of fashion, although a little obsolete, and it has the huge advantage to fade into any background of any style. Besides, it is a link to the past for it inevitably reminds us of our childhood…

Canework comes into our houses

You can integrate canework in different ways in your interior but be careful not to overload the whole of the decoration with the furniture and cane objects. The idea is to use the canework parsimoniously in order to obtain a beautiful universe, nice to live in and with a bohemian and natural inspiration. For that, opt for one or several of these ideas:

  • choose cane chairs for your kitchen for a “bistro” result
  • replace the glass doors of your kitchen cupboards by canework
  • hide your radiators with cane panels
  • bring brightness to one or several rooms of hour house with lights made of canework

You can note that a colour that is out of the ordinary for the canework (red, blue…) is perfect to create a modern effect.