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Cooking in a wooden kitchen

Wooden kitchens have always been associated to a rustic style in a traditional house. But now, things are changing! Wooden kitchens find their place in contemporary accommodations!


Wooden kitchen: a material for several styles

Wood is a materials that is making a strong comeback in interior decoration. It also has a place in the kitchen whether it is for the work surface or for the storage units’ doors.

You can express all your ideas and your wishes with wood! When blended to white elements, your wooden kitchen will give a scandinavian air to your interior. You can also add colour touches (a red backboard, purple walls or a metal work surface) to have a ultra-contemporary room.
For a welcoming interior, opt for a fully wooden kitchen: cabinets, work surface, floor…

You can gamble on different essences to add a little creativity. Do not hesitate to share all your wishes to our home designer whether it is about design or functionality. They will know how to find a layout that suits all your expectations.