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Choosing well the colours of the kitchen

Colours play an essential role on your mood because they have a direct impact on the atmosphere and a kitchen’s volume. Choosing them well is of prime importance! Discover how to select judiciously hues for your kitchen’s layout.


As for decoration, colours create the atmosphere and act on volumes, and if colours influence your mood, the perception we have of it is personal. Choosing your kitchen’s colours is therefore important because this living room should reflect your wishes and match itself to your mood.

The colour wheel is useful to make the right choices

The colour wheel is a basic indicator in the shape of a wheel. Primary, secondary and third colours are represented as a rainbow. This wheel enables to create combinations of colours in harmony (colours the closest from one another on the wheel: navy blue, sky-blue and blue-grey for example) or in contrast (colours diametrically opposed on the circle: blue and orange for example). This simple tool is useful for choosing rooms’ hues according to their use and to your tastes.

The furnitures’ colours determine the harmony to give

The hues of your equipped kitchen first start with the choice of your furniture which colour determines the atmosphere of the room. The walls, floor and backboard then complete the whole according to the dimensions of the space, the light and your decoration style.

With light wooden furniture, the combination with chocolate hues give a minimalist effect and white reinforces the natural and bright side. Darker furniture are better matched with harmonious hues such as beige or cream. Light floor and ceiling are advised to lighten the whole.
A kitchen with red furniture can play the contrast card with black, different hues from grey or white. Lacquered or metallised finishing touches give a very trendy vintage atmosphere.

This year, blue offers a variety of hues such as midnight, navy, sky, lagoon or indigo. When combined with white it creates a seaside spirit or it brings a contemporary line when blended to grey, blue is surprising with a freshening green anise.

Our advices for good colours combinations

The light, the ceiling height and the depth of the room are determining factors in the choice of your kitchen’s colours and so are the decoration elements.

Light hues are preferable in a small kitchen to give the impression of a bigger space and to create light. A white kitchen always seems more vast than a dark kitchen for example. The contrast between two warm and cold colours creates a warm atmosphere. Black and white is a graphic and timeless safe bet. A bright wall in a big room brings depth and gaiety and it can also seem to diminish the height of a ceiling.

Your kitchen’s colour should first of all be the one you like and if you hesitate, your Raison Home, home designer always has good advices. visiting you in your home, they will find the colour that suits you.