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A red kitchen spices up your interior

Red is always a refined colour that claims to be a quality colour for the kitchen. Red spices up your interior for it is energetic and dynamic. Strawberry, cherry or tomato red gives a greed spirit to your decoration.


A red kitchen is welcoming

Red is a bright colour par excellence and it symbolises passion, fire and strength. It is also the colour of optimism and a red kitchen makes good mood sparkle. Burgundy, purple, ruby, garnet-coloured or poppy red offer an infinite variety of hues just as bright that bring relief to the surfaces. Its intensity is enhanced by a lacquered, shiny or satiny finishing touch and catches the eye. Red is a festive colour that invites to conviviality and even wets your appetite. What could be better than a kitchen that makes one want to scheme comfort food?

A red kitchen is to be decorated plainly

Red’s strong character combines to neutral hues in order to give balance to the whole. When combined to white, red kitchen furniture are highlighted and the atmosphere is fresh and bright. A black splashback or work surface gives an effect of depth which is ideal for long rooms. Grey is elegant and combines perfectly with stainless steel or metal units and concrete finishing touch contrasts with red and makes a trendy workshop atmosphere. A few bright hues can also brighten your decoration up.

A red kitchen gives style

The choice of materials and finishing touches determine the atmosphere you want to give to your kitchen. With wooden units, the style will be warm and romantic. The combination of red and stainless steel electrical devices, cooker hood, fridge and oven is very contemporary. Opting for slate or granite to coat the splashback is stylish and urban. Light tiles or ceramic tiles bring light and a few touches of glass bring transparency. In short, a red kitchen always has character.