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A grey kitchen is trendy and timeless

Sometimes, choosing a kitchen colour can make you hesitate. With a grey kitchen, you are sure not to make a mistake because grey is still topical and combines well with many other brighter colours.


Grey is a neutral and easy to match colour and it is the must of interior decoration. It adapts to each style to give a elegant and design appearance to the kitchen. Light grey, slate grey, concrete grey, steel grey, pearl grey, bluish grey, you have a large range of choice!

Grey kitchens are easy to arrange

Thanks to grey, the kitchen has a timeless modernity. This soft, soothing and trendy colour can be used for furniture, the work surface, the splashback, appliances, the wall paint, the floor or even the lights. Grey outshines largely the industrial spirit which is currently very trendy and combines to all bright or pastel colours depending on the atmosphere your want to create in your kitchen. Grey combines with matt, lacquer or bright but also with all materials such as wood, metal, aluminium and it is also perfect to add value to the glass wall style.

Grey kitchens gamble with colours

The atmosphere you want to give to our room or interior can vary according to the colour combination you are going to make. Light grey can be blended to white, beige or taupe, it stays neutral and plays the classical elegance card. The combination of grey with bright colours give dynamism and create a warm contrast. Green, pink, purple, yellow, red, blue, everything is possible with grey with little touches in the decoration such as the chairs or utensils, by mixing furniture or units or by coating walls or the floor differently.

Grey kitchens highlight materials

Grey echoes brilliance effects of certain materials such as glass, aluminium or stainless steel. Whatever the hue of the grey that is in your kitchen, pearl grey, grey concrete, light grey or bluish grey, your electrical equipments: cooker hood, fridge and dishwasher will reflect light. You have to know that steel grey is more trendy today than anthracite grey and in order to have a brighter kitchen, you can opt for lacquered and bright furniture surfaces. The ceramic tiles style for the floor or the backboard is also perfect to play a contemporary effect.