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3 ideas to organise a design kitchen

Do you want a kitchen in the spirit of times? Whether it is opened, half-opened or closed, your kitchen has to be refined while staying functional and especially convivial. The choice of materials, colours and finishing touches is primordial.


1. Favour ergonomics in the organisation of your kitchen

Integrating household appliances in furniture enables to create space and to standardise the units in order to give more fluidity to the room. The fridge placed in a wardrobe is more discreet. Other devices such as the oven, microwaves and dishwasher that can be integrated at a good height facilitate life. The work surface which is an essential element of the kitchen has to be thought out in order to be practical and to give style to your kitchen. A central island can also create a contemporary space and supplementary storages.

2. Gain in seriousness by creating refined lines

In order to obtain simple and refined lines in a kitchen, you have to remove nooks and maximise each space. Here, the cooker hood is hidden behind a furniture frontage to create a more design effect. The section handles make the doors more discreet and lighten the decoration. Integrated spotlights in the fake ceiling refine the lines and offer an adapted and warm light.

3. Emphasise depth thanks to contrasts

Sometimes it is enough to play with the choice of colours to transform a room and it applies to the kitchen. A shiny white lacquer (vertical lines) opposed to black on the work surface (horizontal lines) brings relief and depth. A good kitchen layout gives structure to space and a matching decoration finalises the ensemble.