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3 advices for a bright kitchen and good kitchen lights

If having a nice and functional kitchen that is full of storage units is important, benefiting from good light in that room is as essential. Discover 3 tips to make your kitchen brighter.


1. An adequate and well thought out natural light

During the day, many people have recourse to artificial light in their kitchen because of the insufficient natural light. To resolve that, think about openings that will bring natural light in your kitchen (windows, patio door, glass wall, light well…) and that will enable you to make the most of daylight.

Also pay attention to organising the different poles of your kitchen according to the place of those different openings. Ideally, the sink will be placed under the window. The latter will enable to offer a good light and will facilitate the good proceedings of the cleaning tasks.

Because the lack of natural light is felt during winter or the kitchen is just badly oriented (which are facts you cannot change), think about arranging astutely several spots of artificial light in your kitchen: downlighters under the kitchen cupboards pointed at the work surface…

2. Gamble on colours and materials!

White furniture and walls are perfectly indicated to let the light in the kitchen and to give it brightness...but instead of a total white style, there are many other options.

You can definitely opt for light colours furniture such as ivory, beige, sand or cream which will give very soft appearances to your kitchen and will favour the light.

If you like wood (for your furniture and work surface particularly), combine it with white walls to maximise light in the room. For a more “decorative” style, opt for coloured walls which will create a nice light if blended to white furniture. You can note that white and blue are a harmonious combination for a kitchen. White and green are too and create a “nature” atmosphere. The combination of white and a dark colour is also possible to brighten the room and gain an impression of space if you keep enough white units.

You can note that lacquered materials and paints give an shiny effect which reflects more light than raw materials and paints.

3. Remove a wall…

Removing a wall (if it is not a load-bearing wall) is an excellent idea to completely let the light in your kitchen. Opened on the rest of the house, the room will benefit from an increased light, more space and comfort.

Replacing a door by a glazed door is another interesting alternative to gain light. The glazed door creates a new entry place for the light whether is it an interior or exterior door.